Insolvency Administrator with Special Permission

What we offer?

Mgr. Ivo Šotek is an insolvency administrator with a special permit - as of 20.11.2010, currently being reviewed for the second time (6/2017). We also represent creditors in insolvency proceedings.

Criminal Law

Defense in criminal matters. If you have problems, just contact us and we will definitely find a way to get out of trouble or unpleasant situation.

Business Law

We offer the following services: drafting contracts, bills of exchange, legal analysis, representation in litigation or liquidation of a trading company.

Civil Law

Enforcement of compensation for damage, specializing in compensation for damage to health (painful, impediment to social application).

Administrative law

Representation before administrative authorities (offense, proceedings before tax authorities, etc.) Specialization in disputes concerning claims.

We also offer:

List of insolvency petitions related to the proposal for permission for debt relief.



Who we are?

Mgr. Ivo Šotek, lawyer and insolvency administrator with special permission.
Ivo Šotek graduated from the Faculty of Law of Palacký University in Olomouc in 1996. In 2005 he was entered in the list of liquidators and forced administrators and since 2010 he has been authorized as a special insolvency administrator by a decision of the Ministry of Justice. insolvency administrator. It is also registered in the list of liquidators and forced administrators maintained by the Czech National Bank for the purposes of introducing liquidations and forced administration of entities operating on the capital market, including credit unions.

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Our team

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Price list

It is up to us to make our legal services available to everyone. That is why we pay a fee of CZK 2,000 + 21% of VAT for the first meeting. In the case of further cooperation, the remuneration will be determined primarily by agreement or non-contractually according to the so-called lawyer's tariff.

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